The holidays are far from over and there is still time to find inspiration in choosing your bikini. On Instagram, we spotted a piece that goes around the accounts of fashionistas. 

Augustians will finally be able to taste the pleasure of hot sand and cocktails by the beach! But even with our toes fan-shaped on the deckchair, we like to have the right look and the little fashion touch that looks like us. It goes mainly through the swimsuit. And like every year, there is the bikini team and the one-piece swimsuit team (and our friends from the topless team too, we will not forget you). But the swimsuit for summer 2020 definitely looks like a bikini a bit special. Indeed, through the various most influential fashion Instagram accounts, we realized the tidal wave that one of them caused. Created by influencer Shea Marie for her brand Same, this pretty swimsuit is inspired by 1950s swimsuits with a bolero / jacket-shaped top with buttons and high-waisted panties. The result is stunning and could not be more original. No wonder then that he is convinced so many fashion pros on Instagram.  

Indeed, they were dozens to appear on their feed by displaying the piece from the collection "The Grace". Tash Oakley, Xenia Adonts, Aureta, Chanel Mckinsie, Jenny, Kaitlynn and Amy Julliette Lefévre have all chosen one of the colors on offer: white, black, powder pink, orange or even azure blue… A stunning silhouette! No doubt this bikini will be the summer hit for many more summers.