The Best-Selling High-Waisted Bikinis From 9 Iconic Swimwear Brands
By Laura Lajiness

All hail the bikini! From stringy styles to sporty silhouettes in a range of fresh colors and fun prints, two-piece swimsuits are choice for soaking up some rays (with plenty of sunscreen on, of course). For 2020, the high-waisted bikini is the style to try. But, before buying, you'll want to figure out the best styles to suit your taste.

Despite the trendiness of high-waisted bikinis, they're quite nostalgic, referencing early swimwear silhouettes from the '40s and '50s. In fact, the first-ever bikini debuted in Paris on July 5, 1946, from French designer Louis Reard. While waist-skimming two-pieces are darling as ever with a coordinating swim cap, the look isn't exactly a modern swimsuit trend in 2020. For a reinvention, swimwear labels are combining design features from the '80s and '90s, including higher cut legs, underwire tops, neon colors, and wallpaper floral prints. The result? A retro-inspired bikini that feels fresh for pool days, beach getaways, and at-home sunbathing sessions (FYI: backyards, fire escapes, and rooftops are all legitimate venues for rocking a two-piece).

The biggest challenge when it comes to high-waisted bikinis is undoubtedly fit. Ideally, the goal is to find a style that sits smoothly over your torso and doesn't bunch or ride up. But that's easier said than done unless you're prepped with tips for shopping this two-piece trend. So, for expert advice on buying the best high-waisted bikini for you, nine brands that are known for well-done takes on the silhouette are sharing some wisdom on what to look for in a high-waisted bikini. Plus, some styling ideas to get you through summer and beyond. Of course, an edit of high-waisted bikinis lies ahead, as well, from under-$100 takes to designer styles.


The Best High-Waisted Bikinis: Turn It Into Dayware

Fashion influencer and designer of Same Swim, Shea Marie says that high-waisted bikinis are chic and a classic look that is easier to style than a lower rise. When it comes to fit, she says to focus on comfort, "make sure it's not too tight around the waistband. If it is, try sizing up."

Marie loves to style swimwear as part of her outfits, too. "I've been wearing my Grace high-rise bottoms with loose linen pants so you can see the bottoms peeking out from the top of the pants. It's chic but also cool and laid back," she says.